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link to download trials paper from all state..good luck

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link to download trials paper from all state..good luck
http://cid-295b5b18c0fe8774.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/.Public/STPM Trials 2009/Subject/Biology ^525.10.09^6.rar

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guys~here's a link to a website where some of the biology topics video shown..kinda useful becos there's explaination below the video while watching it..good luck~


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Well here is a video that gives a better view (to me, not sure if it is useful to you guys) about the cell mediated immunity and the humoral immunity, because i don't really understand it yet, but these videos gives me a better clue about what's happening.

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The New Videos
Well the new Videos are up and running with changes as requested. You may comment but please don't ask me remake dy. Teacher will *censor* me.

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53 apples again..sorry.i need opinion.please read patiently.
For y'all information,
one of the sentence from the lyrics is prohibited again? YES
because the teacherS do not accept the word of “很寥”,
for them to do this they had given a very unreasonably reason..which is the word 寥 never happened to be used in single word nor added with an adjective/adverb such as “很”.And also..it sounds similar with the word 鸟.

BUT , lets see what's the FACT

“寥” (liao, 第二声) 一字汇,单单“寥”这个单字就已表示很稀少的意思。(请阅第856页)
所谓的:“华语里没有这样子的用法” 并不存在。

As a conclusion, teacherS banned us for the sake of "yes, I feel like ban y'all. I like and I love to"
which had given a lot of troubles to us.

SO, here are some few suggestion from me, for the new lyrics for the sentence.
(which is used to replace the sentence "form six 其实很寥"

1.form six嘛 很单调 (which I recommended the best)
2.form six 其实很嘘(which we just shhhhh... it,something like censored word to replace the 鸟 word which I wish to yell it so badly)
3.form six嘛 很苦恼
4.form six让人懊恼
5.form six 其实很小
6.form six 其实很少
7.form six 其实不好

so, please kindly give your vote..any suggestion is welcome.
kindly remind that the GRADUATION DAY will be OFFICIALLY held on next Wednesday.

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